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Arvento – Vehicle tracking and management

Massar has secured the sole distribution of Arvento tracking and telematics products in the UAE. Arvento Mobile System is a Technology company specialised in designing, developing and manufacturing mobile tracking technologies and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) products.

Arvento products, provide cost-effective, technology-enabled tracking, location and performance data that keep fleets safe, mobile and controlled.

This allows an integration of information into Massar’s core leasing and management reporting solutions – which provide customers with one view of the driver and vehicle.

Key Features
  • Flexible leasing options
  • Outright purchase options
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Access to data anywhere and anytime (Web based)
  • Safety Solutions with Driver ID Cards to monitor the drivers and driver behaviour
  • Easy to use, customer specific Graphic/Dashboard Reports

Industry Specific Solutions
  • Cold Chain Solutions where you have Temperature Sensor & Door Sensor for Chillers & Refrigerators to monitor temperature in real-time
  • School Bus Tracking and Control Solutions with Camera
  • Public and Mass Transportation Vehicles / Bus Management Solutions
  • Limousine and VIP travel tracking

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