360DRIVER BEHAVIOUR – Advanced Analytics Massar helps companies to avoid costs related to bad driving behaviour. Our detailed analytics gives companies the tools to identify the training requirements of individual drivers. This in turn ensures that the drivers are trained on-time and go back into the monitoring regime, to ensure behaviour correction and overall fleet well-being.

360 VEHICLE ONBOARDING – Ordering and PDI Massar takes the hassle of purchasing, registration, insurance, fitting ‘Smart Vehicle Technology’, pre-delivery inspection (PDI) from its customers, so that they simply get into the brand new car and turn the key.

360 FLEET MONITORING – Administration and risk management Our Fleet Monitoring System reports exceptions between actual and planned data and raise real-time alarms to aid in ‘avoidance of an incident’. With the aid of our machine learning capabilities we can calibrate planned data and update the database to Optimise the current processes and setting up the ‘new normal.

360 FLEET MANAGEMENT - Vehicle Lifecycle Management Our advanced fleet management system keeps a close eye on our client’s fleet from purchase to disposal, so they can relax and simply drive. Pro-active and preventative maintenance, 24/7 roadside assistance, incident management, registration, insurance are just few of the hassles that you don’t have to worry about.

360 COST CONTROL – Resource optimisation We provide our clients an ongoing analysis to optimise their resource requirements, so that they don’t have excess resources deployed in the business. Other than fleet mix consultation we also help companies in setting up smart driving schedules to avoid unnecessary over-times as well as optimising their human resources.

360 VEHICLE TRACKING – Live and historical Our advances telematics provides a live picture of the fleet currently deployed, with ‘exception reporting’ capabilities, to truly be on top of fleet management. However our archives of tracking history come in really handy to resolve disputes and insurance claims.

We are committed to keeping cargo and companies moving forward !